Happy 4th of July !


I love the US – well, for reasons that are purely silly and fun.

-The breakfasts there are bigger than the ones in Singapore. See what we eat in Singapore here. In the US, we eat breakfast at a deli or cafe in the morning and it lasts us through the whole day. Hence we only feast twice a day. Score!

– The discounts on shoes there are insane! When we went to NYC in December last year, I bought a pair of shoes that cost $14 from Nine West and they are great looking wear – them – anywhere beige pumps! Score!

– I love the discount outlets at the outskirts of cities! Gosh, the vast space. Just park and shop. Could not be better. In Singapore, shopping is a game of strategy. Do you want to shop on weekday afternoons? Then you have to apply for leave from the office just to shop. If you want to do it on weekends, be prepared to fight for parking lots and more shoving and pushing at the malls just to get to the fitting room. In the US, the parking lots are aplenty and we always feel relaxed.

– I love the tv shows there! Whenever we stay in hotels in the US, we stay up late watching tv shows endlessly. We watched the Jerry Springer show a few years ago and got hooked every single night. And some of the best shows like CSI, Chicago Fire etc. And I want to buy everything that I see on those late night tv commercials- yes, I need a kitchen knife that can do a million and one things and it comes free with 5 more mini knives and there is free shipping if you buy NOW!

– The farmers markets are great – in Singapore, our only ‘farmers’ market’ is airconditioned and a chance for the shop owners to charge you double. I love the farmers market in LA and SFO.

– Burgers! Pizza! Bagel! OOOH, the food …

Here are more things that remind us of how great America is: Have a great 4TH OF JULY! 

I wish we were there to join in the celebrations and finish the burgers!

Being first on the moon
Jack Daniels

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