How is this possible?

You must be wondering what I am talking about.

Do you look at this picture and think ” How did they do that? ” I mean how did the flowers get ‘arranged’ in rows so evenly?

Do you think that? Or is it just me??



Seriously, when we reached La Conner, 60 miles north of Seattle, I suddenly saw this in the distance.


Would this not astound you? Especially coming from Singapore, where you seldom see 100s of acres of fresh flowers. Hell, you don’t see 100 acres of anything here.

I leaned forward in our rental car and squinted in the distance – till I realised they were flowers and miles and miles of goddamn beautiful flowers. Then I realised that you can park at the side of the road and go near them. They grow so evenly in the wild? I thought. Later I found out that the farmers in the entire valley raise tulips as an agricultural crop. And many farms open up their gardens to hundreds of thousands of lucky visitors each year from April 1-30. Welcome to the Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

If you are wondering how I knew this festival, it is because of my intense (or aggressive, depending on who you ask) research. I first looked at the map and as we are driving from Seattle northwards to Vancouver, the plan freak in me wanted to see if we could squeeze in some side trips along the way. Driving from Seattle to Vancouver would be too straightforward. And boring.

So I went on Tripadvisor. The lovely and helpful TA destination experts will share what they know and also gently let you know if your plan sucks as well. After some gruelling planning, I decided the route – Seattle to La Conner (plus Skagit Tulip Festival) to Whidbey Island to Vancouver.

Here is what Seattle – La Conner – Whidbey Island looks like: I google things to death basically.

We checked into Wild Iris Inn  (#1 on the Top B&B list for La Conner) and was pleasantly surprised. There were 2 huge cookies waiting for me in the room. I ate both.


The tulip festival is designed as a driving tour and you can visit all the participating farms to see the tulips. On the day that we were in La Conner, we had the best weather. Sunny yet breezy. All the other cars in the valley seem to be going to the biggest farm – RoozenGaarde. And so we followed.

And this is what we saw. I know you are in awe – I was too.

Rows and rows of splendid tulips and they are COLOR-COORINATED!! Turns out they plant the bulbs that way so that the fields will look gorgeous. Yes, I know, I seem to be the only one who did not know this.

It was a good day.

2011-04-21 13.16.27

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Here are pictures of Wild Iris Inn – I remembered the 2 huge cookies and also the homemade breakfast the next morning. I took the recipe from the owner, but did not get around to make them.

We went onto Whidbey Island and stayed at The Boatyard Inn -this hotel is very quiet and private. I did not see other guests at the other studio suites. It was a bit unsettling. I like quiet – but this is way too quiet for me. Flashes of american horror serial killer movies kept on churning in my mind. I quickly texted my sister with the hotel address in case she doesn’t hear from me. EVER. She will probably like that.

In retrospect, I miss that quiet hotel now.


We had an amazing dinner at Prima Bistro. Yes, I had reservations. Clams with Chorizo, burrato, garlic infused chickpeas and quail.

Yes, we usually eat this much.

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Let me know what you think!


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