Meet Austin, our adopted husky. Graphic images within – read at your own risk!

Austin now
Austin now

Get ready, it is gonna be a long read.

It all started in Central Park in January this year.

Kee Wee and I were in the US for holidays in January. We started our trip in NYC then we went on to Savannah, Charleston and then back to NYC to end our holidays.

And on the first day of our trip, we woke up super early (I love jetlag) and we had breakfast at The Library Hotel (which is only my favourite-est hotel in the world) and then we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for our first stop in NYC on this trip. And it was here, at the American Wing Cafe, where we stopped for some soup and coffee, that Kee Wee saw 2 huskies play with each other in Central Park. They leapt, jumped and played with each other as their owner read his book and for Kee Wee, it was love at first sight. He could not take his eyes off them.


I wish I could say he fell in love with me at first sight. OH WELL.

Then as fate would have it, in March, he saw a comment on SOSD’s (Save Our Street Dogs) facebook about 11 huskies available for adoption, at VFA (Voices for Animals). And that was the beginning of our journey with Austin.

Spirit (Austin) with all his siblings - he is the one with the red bandana on the left side. Notice how he sits away from the rest. He is not super affectionate but he shows it in his own ways. Photo from VFA Facebook.
Spirit (Austin) with all his siblings
Austin was 1 of the bigger ones of the pack.
Austin & King (the black alpha) were 2 of the bigger ones of the pack. Photo from VFA Facebook.

These 11 huskies have been rescued by Derrick, the owner of VFA, and we are not completely sure of their living conditions before they were rescued. All we knew was that they were neglected and kept in a small space and that the owner had no time to care for all 11 of them.

I have never had huskies before so I was just mildly curious. I have not had big dogs before too. All we had were toy dogs. Kee Wee, on the other hand, had his heart set on a husky and all the better if we could rescue one. We were definitely not thinking of going to a pet shop to shop for one. We have read enough about puppy mills and were not keen on ‘buying’ one. Kee Wee waited patiently till Derrick said that the huskies were ready to be adopted. We had to fill in the adoption papers (listed on VFA’s facebook) and then wait till Derrick shortlisted the adoptees.

And it seemed like a long wait to Kee Wee. Everyday he would go to VFA’s facebook and smile at the 11 of them. And he would tell me – why hasn’t Derrick replied me? Why? Do you think all the dogs are adopted? And this went on for a week.

To me, I believe in fate. If any of those 11 huskies are meant to be ours, it will be. If not, maybe they went to better owners. I hope all of them are loved and cared for, that is all I want for them.

And the reply from Derrick came. And SOMEONE WAS OVER THE MOON.

We were informed to go to Turf City the next weekend to view the dogs and to be interviewed by Derrick and his team. All week, once again, he could not stop thinking of them and looked at VFA’s facebook again and again, every night before bed. I was starting to get worried. Worried that he would be devastated if we did not pass the interview. I truly believed we can give any of them a good life but you never know, there could be many many others out there who can too. Our priority was also having another dog that Jingle could love and adapt to. If you know Jingle, she has no friends. And she is spoilt rotten. So that was our concern too.

The day came and we went to Turf City. I was pretty nervous. He was damn excited. We arrived in time and introduced ourselves and waited for our turn to view the dogs. Kee Wee was so excited he had to pee. And so I was alone at the adoption centre. Derrick said I could go to the window of the air-conditioned room that the 11 of them were in and view them.

One of them immediately came to the window, stood up and sniffed me. That was Spirit.

And it was game over for me too.

We waited till it was our turn to be interviewed and to our surprise, Derrick asked which husky we were interested in and we said ‘ if we can, we would like Spirit’. And Derrick laughed ‘ really? why? He is the most whiney! ‘ And there was a spilt second when I felt doubt. But I pushed it aside. I mean, how whiney can he be right?


Derrick wanted us to bring him back with us that Saturday itself but we were totally unprepared. I thought even if we could adopt one of the huskies, we would not be able to have him so soon. We agreed to come back the next day.

Before we left the shelter, Kee Wee brought Austin around for a walk and we noticed that he has a little limp in his hind legs. He possibly did not have much walks or space to run before. He was also hesitant and very distant around us. But that was all very expected of him.

We came back to the shelter, on Sunday (29th of March) and Derrick opened the door and brought Spirit. We decided early on that if we had a boy, he would be named Austin (after one of our favourite cities, Austin in Texas) and if we had a girl, she would be named Madison.

Austin it is, then.

Look how happy Kee Wee was with Austin! Austin would never look at us back then. It was always a sideway glance.
Look how happy Kee Wee was with Austin! Austin would never look at us back then. It was always a sideway glance. Now he looks at us straight on and with a grin.

He was very different from the day before. He bounced around the room, sprinted from the door to the sofa, jumped up and licked Derrick (we think it is to say THANK YOU) and then licked Kee Wee, as if to say HELLO! He was visibly happy and we brought him for a walk again around the compound outside. We could hear the rest of the huskies howling for him as he passed them by and I felt an immerse sadness. All 11 of them together for 2-3 years and now all are separated forever. We can only hope all of them went to good homes.

The howls were frightfully sad yet there was hope in the air. We were worried that Austin might not like being in the car but when we opened the door, he did not look back once and jumped in fast.

I guess he was desperate for a change. He did not howl either. He did not even look at them. The other dogs knew he was leaving. The howls, they made my hairs stand. And that gave me a glimpse of how his early years have made him indifferent. Even though he did not know us yet, he was willing to take his chance.


I could not stop staring at him. He immediately went to the side of the backseat and sat there comfortably. And he fell asleep.

We were also worried about introducing him to Jingle.

We came home to my mum’s place and brought Jingle and Austin to the park for a walk to let them know each other. And it turned out well. She accepts him and I think he respects her. He is 3 and she is 13. His nature is also much milder than hers so I think that helped. He weighs 16 kg then.

From the start, we noticed that he keeps to himself and does not make any sounds. And he is always hungry. We started him off with the same brand of dry food that VFA gave all the huskies. He came home on a Sunday. By Tuesday he was having diarrhoea.

And that was the start of the longest 2 months in our lives.

Since he was new to us and we did not get the chance to be with him when he was a puppy, everything about him was a test. Everything about him was an intense battle of trial and error. We brought him to a clinic that opens late that Tuesday because our usual one was not open that night. And we could not wait anymore. The vet said it could be partly due to stress. And we blamed ourselves for that. We were eager to know if he had prior skin diseases so we brought him to the groomers on Monday for a full shave. If I could turn back time, we would wait.

After his full shave
After his full shave

In a way, I wanted to give him a new beginning and let his hair grow out all over again, this time with proper nutrition, love and baths. But yes, we would probably wait it out for a fortnight first before doing that.

The vet said to give him rice with chicken to ease his tummy and when we returned home on Tuesday, that was what we fed him. The look on his face as he chomped down his dinner was pure bliss. And we thought that was the end of the diarrhoea. It was only the beginning.

We fed him his medication and all was okay for a week. The rice, chicken and dry food diet continued. Whenever his medication ended, his diarrhoea starts.

Austin sleeps with us in our bedroom. When he has diarrhoea, he gets up and paces the room and huffs and puffs very very loudly. He goes to Kee Wee and cries too. And Kee Wee will jump up, yanks the bedroom door open, tugs on his top and leash Austin. We will take the lift and bring Austin down to the grass patches outside of the condo.

This can go on for days. His diarrhoea happens mostly at night, the worst was 10 times in a day. Trips to our vet became routine. We hold our breath before we sleep every night.

To tell you the truth, those few weeks took a toil on our marriage. The anxiety, the fear, the lack of sleep, the sweat and tears that we had, escalated. It did not help that Austin looked hungry all the time. Family members would ask – is he okay? why is he so hungry? Can I give him some food?

It became a serious case of trial and error.

Pork and rice – diarrhoea

Fish and rice – diarrhoea

Beef and rice – diarrhoea

Beef with kibble – diarrhoea sometimes

We started him on antibiotics and steroids for 6 days and his diarrhoea stopped. We were so fearful. Everyday I wrote down every single meal, every single walk, every single pee, every single poop in my calendar, in my iphone. I just took a look at it – the whole of April, May, June is filled with notes about Austin. I seldom use my calender. I can remember most of my appointments etc but for this, I needed help.

It was all we could talk about. Why would he have diarrhoea today again? What the hell changed? What did he lick from the floor? What did he sneakily eat again? What did you do?

To add to the stress, he was very aggressive towards other dogs. He was very quiet at the shelter and at home. The minute he goes out, his whole body is on high alert, he barks non stop and at the top of his lungs at EVERY SINGLE DOG. Big or small, no matter. He goes at them with all his strength. At times I am astounded by how angry he is. At how much energy he has in him.

It is like he is so angry at the world. And we ask ourselves every night – what are we doing wrong? what have we done wrong? we are trying to do a good thing here, why does it seem like we are being punished?

I was fearful of bringing him out alone. I have had dogs since 6 years old and here I was, resenting Austin. I hated myself for resenting him. But so much of our lives have changed. We no longer talked to each other about other stuff. It was Austin all the time, everyday, constantly on our minds when we meet each other. I would text Kee Wee – ‘looks okay now, just pooped in garden. Oh no, he is having diarrhoea again.’ And I knew it would be another sleepless night of waking up countless times, to bring him down to poop.

image1 (38)
Look at the blood in his diarrhoea

The steroids helped. But we knew that was just a temporary measure. His own immunity has to be built and dammit, we have got to know what is going on. His diarrhoea was so bad, blood and water was all that came out.

I noticed that his stool was also grainy from his dry food. It was as if everything he ate was coming out. There was nothing absorbed. And we decided to visit Dr Danert Loh at the clinic one day to ask him about this. I was fearful about Dr Loh because he criticised me before for how fat my previous dog was. We googled Austin’s symptoms and we feared he could have EPI (EPI occurs when the part of the pancreas that produces digestive enzymes no longer functions properly.  As a result, the dog can’t digest its food. That’s why an EPI dog will literally starve to death without proper treatment). 

After a series of thorough questions and an indepth assessment about his diarrhoea in the last few weeks, here was what Dr Loh told us to do:

  • start him on smaller meals. He eats more meals a day but little each time. Cut the portions down. His stomach has issues digesting so lets help him that way
  • he also gave him digestive enzymes to help his stomach along
  • he gave him probiotics too

He also shared that vegetables like brocolli and cabbage are excellent for digestion.

When we walked out of the clinic that day, it was like we turned a corner. I could feel it. That was on June 4th.

Here are the changes we made after:

  • We started him on small portions of Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Dry Food. It is made of salmon and potato. It has high quality salmon as the first ingredient and that comforted us. It contains no gluten, wheat and grains. It has no fillers or artificial additives. It is formulated with limited ingredients for food sensitivities. And that was the start of his (knock on wood right now!) recovery.
  • We gave him the digestive enzymes and probiotics every day
  • We bought whole salmon from NTUC Finest. We give him steamed salmon fillets, brocolli, pumpkin and a hard boiled egg (separated into 2 meals per day) daily.
  • We started giving him blueberries, carrot, raw cabbages, raw broccoli little by little.
  • We cut out rice and we have never given him anything that is fried and we do not give him food when we eat.

It turned out that he is severely allergic to rice. Who knew? He stole rice from Jingle’s bowl one night and he had diarrhoea after midnight. So we knew. That was the only difference in his diet. But the digestive enzymes and probiotics gradually helped him along. Even when he has diarrhoea, it would stop.

We had completely no idea what he ate for the first 3 years of his life. So it took us a long time to get to where we are now.

Kee Wee also trained him along the way. He is extremely food motivated so that works out well in this aspect. He knows sit, down, wait and leave it (I think this takes immense discipline as it requires him staring at a blueberry, for example, and only reaches out for it when Kee Wee gives him the command). His face when he does this is priceless.

His favourite food is apple. There is nothing he loves more. He loves broccoli, cabbage, carrots, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, brussel sprouts but nothing he loves more than apples. My mum calls him Mr Vegetable.

He was also very quiet and sleepy when he first came to us. He slept everywhere and for long periods at a time. He was very difficult to rouse and it was like he was always tired. We hear nothing from him too. The only sound he makes is when he puffs and huffs when he has diarrhoea.



Look at Jingle staring at him in horror.
Look at Jingle staring at him in horror.

image3 (12)

It has been 8 months since the day at Turf City. I will not lie and say it is easy. Because it sure as hell is not. It is damn difficult, tiring and I am convinced all the morning walks have made me 10 shades darker and it is all Kee Wee’s fault when I get dark spots on my hands and face.

Today, he is very alert – you cannot sneak an apple past him without him stalking you across the hall.

He plays with Kee Wee everynight before bed.
He plays with Kee Wee everynight before bed.

Austin weighs 24 kg the last we carried him on the scales.


But seeing how happy and settled Austin is today, makes me so happy. Today he walks nicely with us to the park (we could NEVER bring him to the park before, he goes berserk when he sees other dogs) and sniffs other dogs to say hi. Today he poops regularly 3 times a day – you don’t know how happy that makes us feel. We have brought him to VFA’s adoption drives twice and people gasp when they see how fluffy he is. He sleeps with Jingle every weekend. They are not entirely best pals but it will do.

image2 (23)

Look at him!
Look at him!

He is slowly learning how to be photographed and is always in our Omgoing shots too. He is still an early birdie (he goes to bed the earliest) and howls every morning when he gets up. He races around the house happily when we chase him. He scares Jingle everytime when he does that. She goes – wtf? are you mad?

image4 (10)

He howls like he is being murdered every single time he has a shower on Saturdays. He will howl and whine for an hour as we dry him. I am not sure why. I think he is scared of water and has bad memories of shower times.

And Kee Wee? To be honest, I was not completely sure that he would know how to take care of Austin this well and be this committed. Today, after seeing him for the past 8 months with Austin, he is the best father any dog can have. He showers him without fail every week, he brings him for long walks every night, he washes his bed often, he cleans the house double well now that there is hair everywhere and he makes sure he is properly fed. He practises exercise, discipline and affection with him.

And these days when Kee Wee and I speak about them, we smile and tell each other about the antics the dogs get up to, when he is at work. And it was all worth it.







And a WHOLE YEAR has passed… !

I went to bed last night thinking that it has been a while since I have been on this blog. And what do you know? !! It has been an entire year! Seriously? Where did the time go? I am appalled and amazed at the same time.

image1 (93)
Some days we do it like this. LOL. Almost all shots are done with my Iphone. But some days I whip out Kee Wee’s huge ass camera and I try not to break it.

If you know either me or Alicia my sister, you will know that we have been hard at work with OMGOING, since May 2014. And time just flew! It is coming to a year and a half and we have learnt so much as well. Doing your own business is really not easy – you have to learn to do so much and you do it all yourself. Every morning I have a to-do list and every night I find that I can never check off all that I wanted to do.

I have missed this space so much. I remember sitting at the porch every sunday afternoon in my past life, writing a new post and even though it is time-consuming, I enjoy every bit of it. I have made so many friends thru this space and they have remained close to my heart.

Owning our own business has become so encompassing we work even on weekends at times, wrapping urgent parcels, meeting overseas clients, preparing the site for launches and updating social media. I missed this space and I would like to be back here more often. I said this before here – so lets see how much of it I will keep to.

So much has happened since then. In Jan 2015, I travelled with Kee Wee to NYC, Savannah, Charleston and we spent his birthday back in NYC where they had a blizzard. It wasn’t as serious as it sounded but we have never seen Manhattan that quiet before. Quite an experience. No taxi horns, no click clacking of NY-ers walking along the streets and it felt surreal. We had some of our best times there in January this year. But I suppose I shall leave that to another day and another post.

Here are some photos from that trip this year (how is it that I went in January and it seems like it was from years ago… we need another holiday to NYC!!) if you want to see.



Whenever we are in NYC, we always stay at the Library Hotel – tip top service from the sweet ladies at the lounge to the managers at the front desk. And we are at this lounge that is filled with food and drinks and wine, more times than we can count. When the weather gets too brutal (we have been to NYC 3 times in December, I have no idea why..) we get takeout from Whole Foods and we eat them here at the lounge in comfort, with warm cups of coffee and bright smiles from the staff here.

Sweet Chick Restaurant – Lower East Side. Recommended by Justine of Library Hotel – this was so good we had it twice.
NYC – The Metropolitan Museum of Art – it was here that Kee Wee saw 2 beautiful huskies running around in Central Park.
image4 (8)
Street in Savannah – I can walk down these all day.
Cypress Gardens, Georgia – I will remember this day all my life. It was rainy and cold and we were the only 2 visitors that day at the gardens. We took the swamp boat out onto the swamp and were half afraid that an alligator would hop onto our boat and half excited that we were actually in the same swamp in the ‘Notebook’ !!
Actual scene from the Notebook – Cypress Gardens – I realised a lot of people go there to get married and take photos. What a good idea!
Beautiful antebellum houses along the Isle of Hope, Georgia. It was a beautiful afternoon and very idyllic.

And we adopted a dog! And we named him Austin for the fantastic time that we had in Austin in Dec 2013. Saying hi to Elaine (who is my e pal in Austin!) Congratulations on the baby, Elaine! Write me!

I will also share more about Austin, our husky, soon – he deserves a whole post to himself. He and his poop. Yes, you will get to know about that too. Pictures too. :)


And here is what is on my mind today:

  • I am dying to see this show.
  • I am so damn jealous of how hip and cool this IG is.
  • We are planning a trip to Portland and Oregon next, any suggestions for us?
  • This looks so damn good I made Kee Wee recreate for me. Perfect for days when I do cardio and images of pasta fly over my head during class.
  • I am reading this book now. So far I cannot put it down.

Obsessed with this song right now:

Have a sweet week ahead and I really hope to write more often here!








And I have missed this space soooo much ….

image (47)
A rare cafe break this week – catching up on reading and coffee!

Hello Everyone!

It has been so long since I have been on my blog… or any blog for that matter. All I can manage everyday is to sneak in some reading on the book that I am reading and also to fiddle around on some blogs that I usually read… and before I can finish reading the whole post, I am yawning away because it is usually 2am already.

Whoever said setting up your own business really takes up a lot of your own time is absolutely speaking the truth.  I work weeknights and weekends and I answer whatsapp messages and emails from customers on the go. I check emails instantly when I get up in the morning. I update Instagram often with things we want to share with our customers and upcoming campaigns. And whew, what an exciting and fun filled 3 months it has been. I don’t regret starting this business at all and we have learnt so much and made so many friends along the way. Wee!

I have missed this space so so so much and I have had my friends and KW asking me why my blog is taking so long to update. So this week onwards I will try to update more often and treat this space like therapy.

I have caught up on some of my outstanding 2156 unread emails and found some ultra interesting stuff to share! And since it is Friday, lets do some friday links like I did before!

I hope you love these too!

this is so so so beautiful, at 2.49 mins my eyes tear up. We have no kids so if this happens to me, it scares me how lonely KW will be.

– I recently read this book by David Sedaris (loved it to bits!) and this tale from him is delightful too.

A pizza with a french fry base!

– I have always loved mens’ perfumes.

– I cannot wait to get back to NYC.

– Wow, I want to be here right now.

– I am so hooked on this instagram right now – thank me later!

Florence looks delicious!

– We have just watched this and it is really enlightening.









Tuesday : What is on my mind

Wearing one of my favourites from the Shakti range - textured white pants that look so good even out of the gym

Hello Everyone!

I have so much to tell you… I don’t know where to start!

It has been an awesome 4 weeks since the launch of and we are beyond excited and pleased with the support that you (and you know who you are!) have shown us! We started this business because we believed in the products that we are bringing in and we are at the gym so often so we wanted to share the love of fitness and shopping (hahahaha!) with everyone else.

And since we started 4 Fridays ago, on the 23rd of May, there has been so much love, laughter and stress as well. We are truly blessed and happy to have orders coming in speedily and we have gotten to know so many of you better through this channel. Many of you have become friends and we are so happy and honoured to know all of you.

I must admit that when we thought of starting this business, I felt excitement, happiness and also fear. Fear of failing, fear of not doing it right, fear of the unknown, so much fear. And it is in my character that I worry. I worry a lot. I worry that I am not worrying enough. Is that crazy or normal? I think a bit of both.

I wake up sometimes in the last month and think of something that I would like to see on the site but have not done. I wake up thinking if we have enough clothes to sell to everyone. I wake up thinking we have too much stock and we will never sell them all. I wake up thinking of all sorts of scenarios that could happen. Needless to say, I did not have a lot of sleep the last month.

Here are some highlights of our journey so far:

– We have been so blessed to meet so many of you who have become friends. When they see us at the gym, they scream our names and happily point to their chest or their thighs to show the new gear that they are wearing. This fills me with so much pride even though I had no hand in designing the apparels but we are so happy to bring them into Singapore so others at the gyms can enjoy them too. So many have been return customers as well – this shows us that the apparels are loved and they are really popular.

– We have been so busy with uploading images on the website and we will scream with glee everytime new stocks come in. Even though we have already worn our own pieces and that is why we know they are good, we are still very elated to see them arriving in boxes. Then comes the tedious part of stocktaking, stock tallying, contacting our customers about backorders that have arrived, updating the website and also Instagram and facebook then.

– I have never been on social media so much in my life! Those who know me, my sister or KW, knows that we don’t even have facebook before this started. We do have instagram before and I love it. Omgoing’s instagram is filled with all the things that mean so much to the business – like our customers who wear our clothes and insta tag us, new products and also us in our own yoga gear.

– We are also busy every week meeting up with fellow yoga lovers for upcoming projects, events and we are so happy that we are meeting different people from different walks of life. We have also met up with nasty people that I shall not name here who belittle us and make us feel small when things don’t go their way. My sister finally understands that it is a dog eat dog world out there and not everyone means well for you. Usually when something is too good to be true, it often is.

– It has been 4 weeks since I read all my favourite blogs or went online to look at stuff except if they are related to yoga gear. Oh gosh, I was so excited to read all my favourite blogs last night before bed that a warm feeling spread over me. We work even on weekends now fulfilling orders and answering enquiries and meeting people. But that is a good problem right ? So I shall count my blessings. This weekend I will sit down and read all my blogs and catch up on 4 weeks of good stuff!

– We constantly think of where we can do our next photoshoot and bring along for the props. We loved our Marina Barrage photoshoot with the OM gold balloons and that was a huge hit. We are not huge designers or artistic people so all these takes up brain juice.

We are venturing into our 2nd month now and I have never been more motivated to excel at any job than what I am doing now. We think of campaigns to have for our customers, we think of how to market a certain pair of pants, we think of all this all day long.

And I am so much more fulfilled and satisfied now, doing what I love and doing this business with my sister.







I have great news to share …

So happy for our launch yesterday! The day has finally come and we bought gold balloons for our photo shoot to celebrate!

I find it amusing that whenever anyone puts that in their opening line, and if you are female, EVERYONE immediately assumes you are pregnant…

Well, I have something new to share but it is not my womb.

The new news (how lame that sounded even to me… ) is that my sister and I have started our own business!

We have opened an online yoga and fitness apparels store and you can find it here! It is and you can find us here too, on Instagram and here on Facebook (yes, we finally have one).

Over the last 2 days I have said that so often and to so many people, I can repeat it in my sleep.

I now believe everyone who says that starting a new business is a lot of work. Ours is not even a storefront yet and YES IT IS A LOT OF WORK.

Tears, sweat (literally!) and sleepless nights were definitely involved.

Let me rewind a little and share what we went through with you:

My sister and I quit our full time jobs (much to the dismay of our parents who are appalled) late last year to travel. She went to New Zealand for a work / stay trip which was utterly fulfilling and entirely scary to her whole family, including me. Only KW was endlessly supportive right from the start. You can read about it here.

I subsequently quit my job as a corporate recruiter later on to bring my mum over to New Zealand to visit her but to tell you the truth, it was a decision long in the making. That job had too many changes over the years that I have been there and satisfaction levels were running low. So it was with a big breath that I let that job go. We then travelled to NZ for 3 weeks and after that I travelled with KW to the USA for a month long trip from LA to NYC. That was so liberating and fabulous.

Back in Singapore, we have been going to the gym most weeks, 6 days out of 7 and KW suggested to us about setting up our own online yoga and fitness apparels store. From the amount of people in the gym doing cardio classes to serious yoginis to even more serious bikram goers, we realise everyone loves to look good while they are working hard at the gym.

Hell, even my mum and her friends loves to wear gorgeous workout gear when they go for their zumba classes!

pitanga pants
All these pieces of clothes are available on our store!

And so I do the most natural thing in the world – I bug my yogini sister about it. We wanna kill each other most days but I know there is nobody else I would rather do this with.

And days and weeks went past and we both put it at the back of our minds, for a bit. And then one day we both sat down seriously to think about it and we decided that we are really gonna do this. We are going to put our hearts and souls into it.

And so we did a very careful shortlist of the brands that we love and have also tried and it really seemed like we were meant to do this all along! Whenever we travelled, we will go to yoga and fitness apparel shops and try them on or buy them. So we had a pretty good idea who to work with and what to buy, for our online store.

We only chose partnerships with yoga / fitness brands that we personally adore and believe in. And we are so happy to work with brands that Singaporeans cannot find here. Brands like Shakti Activewear, Altar Ego, Glyder Apparels, Body Angel Activewear and Pitanga are just some of the brands that we are working with and we are also bringing in others. We bring in clothes that are perfect for our weather, are durable and an added bonus is that they are so gorgeous looking!

From the time we decided on this venture, the amount of work, time and energy put in was endless.

We had to find a name and that process was mind-boggling. Whatever name we can think of (and it was my sister, KW and me cracking our heads at 2am in the mornings!!) was either taken and we cannot register it or the domain was not available. Gosh. No wonder there are occupations where people think of names for organisations or products. It seriously depleted our brain juices for a week.

And after that my sister and I went to the bank to register ourselves to get a bank account. I think we will remember that day forever. Whoever said Singapore is a 1st world country has never tried to open a corporate bank account at this bank that I shall not mention.

And when I tried to register our name with the Singapore Registrar, it was another ordeal.

And choosing an e-commerce website to host our business was another issue. I knew nothing at all about e-commerce and it was totally brand new to me. We tried out a few and decided on one that we were happy with.

I LOOOOOOVE our namecards!

And from then on, it was endless production and creation on the website, ordering goods from our partners, thinking of the logo for the site, designing the namecards, I was up most nights till 3am figuring things out on the site, discussing with our partners about our products, thinking about payment methods etc. KW has been a super constant rock whenever I feel like it was just too hard for me or when I got too stressed. He designed the logo, investigated the e commerce sites, tied up with payment gateways for us and gave me hope when I go berserk at 2am in the mornings. Without him, I think we would have taken three times as long and gone nowhere as near.

And I am so happy that OMGOING.COM has finally gone ‘live’ yesterday ! All our hard work was worth it and to see the stock go off to happy customers make me so happy.

We also went outdoors for a super fun photo shoot last week and it will remain as one of the fun-nest days of this year! I know the days ahead will be exciting and new and I have absolutely no qualms about it.

Please visit our site and let me know what you think! And shop away, of course! 









Week 50 : Links I Adore

London Borough Mkt for Blog
tapas feast that my sister and I shared on Wednesday night

We are meeting my uncles for dinner tonight at a seafood restaurant and nobody snatches the crabs’ pincers away from me or hell will be unleashed. Which part of crabs do you love to eat?

And by the way, if anyone asks, one of my top life skills is that I can select crabs, kill them and wash them. Couldn’t tell right?

Here are my links for this week!

– My favorite author has a new book out!

This applies to the creative process and also studying before exams.

– I saw this on instagram last week – I would like to stay here.

23 GIFs that will actually teach you something! I love number 3.

– Have you guys seen this?

– I can either seem very aloof or very enthusiastic, depending on the situation and how much sleep I have had. From today onwards, perhaps we can all strive to be more enthu!

– I really miss the redwoods that we went to in Rotorua and the next one that I want to go to, is the Muir Woods in CA.

– How is this treehouse much MORE AWESOME than my house?



Monday Thoughts

It is Sunday night now and even though I don’t work at the moment, I can almost feel the monday blues creeping in. I always think back to the days when I had meetings on Mondays or reports to do and I had problems sleeping on Sunday nights. Turns out I am not the only one who cannot sleep on Sunday nights. I have asked my friends and colleagues before and my friends would always admit that yes, they cannot sleep as well. Colleagues will be different and say, oh really, then you should go to bed earlier. How does that solve my problem? Queer.

And so I am rounding up my many random thoughts in order to compose these:

yes, even the prawn was shocked at what she said

Lunch with an old friend on Tuesday: One of my old friends whatsapp-ed me on Monday and asked if I was working at Suntec City. I said no, I am not working anymore. Which would typically be followed by – WHAT, WHY ARE YOU SO LUCKY? WHAT HAPPENED? BE TAI TAI ALREADY? And so I was prepared for that already. She had a conference at Suntec City on Tuesday and so we arranged to have lunch at Raffles City. We decided on sushi and since I was not working, it was super natural for friends to use the ‘you-are-not-working-you-go-q-up-first’ line. I have had that used on me more often than I can bear these few months. And so I joined the q at lunchtime and what do you know? When I reached the front of the line after 20 mins, my friend appeared. We have not seen each other in 7 years and she has 2 kids now. And so 80% of the conversation revolved around what I do on a daily basis (SINCE I AM NOT WORKING AND SO FREE ALL THE TIME), why I am still child free and showing me her kids pictures. And just when we got comfortable like old times, she brought up how common it is to be divorced these days and she said to me ‘oh, I have always thought you and KW will get divorced.’ And the way she was so nonchalant about it made me choke on my sashimi.

WHAT? WHY? and why would you go around thinking your friends will get divorced? Ultra strange right? She said our characters are so different and we are such dissimilar people. STILL?

I have never liked her husband but I have never told her that. And I certainly do not think she will get divorced.

So, that was that. Strangest comment I have heard in a long time.

love these

Old Biscuits remind me of old times : During grocery shopping yesterday, I suddenly had the urge to get these old biscuits. They are sold in large gold tins and you have to let the old auntie ‘managing’ them know how much you want. I said 500g because I had no idea how many biscuits that could get me and when she continue scoop after scoop, I suddenly realised it was too much. And I stopped her and told her I only wanted 200g. I got screamed at and she refused to pour the excess back into the tin.


These biscuits reminded me so much of the past – my mother would buy them for me and I would dip them into fresh milk or if I am in a gross mood, to dip them into water and all the soft bits would fall into the glass of water and I would drink up all the grossness after. But these biscuits in cold cold milk is the best.

Life was so much simpler then.

And I am so happy to send them to my friend Yolanda in Frankfurt (hello there!) whom I met via this blog and she is a fellow Singaporean who moved to Frankfurt with her husband. Her baby is coming very soon and I am so glad to send her a care package soon!

see our 3 identical white sangria? that is how much we love this here. I waited 1.5 hours to drink this. DO NOT DENY ME MY DRINK.

PS Cafe : We brought my mum out for dinner and drinks after zumba last Friday and we decided to go to PS Cafe to have our favourite white sangria, chocolate cake and KW was craving for truffle fries. We arrived at 10pm only to be told the restaurant was full. And that there were another round of diners coming for dinner soon. Really? I was mystified.

I know when we were in NYC and we called popular restaurants for reservations, if it was very last minute, they always said that we could come either at 530pm or 11pm. I had no idea Singapore was anywhere near NYC’s immaculate culinary scene yet.

We had no choice but to go over to Club Hotel to have drinks first at the rooftop bar and we called again at 11pm. To be told there were no seats available for us. Really?

Before we left the area at 1130pm, my sister decided to go over to check out the restaurant. And she called us to say she has gotten a table. We skipped along happily and sat and looked at the menu. And as the restaurant was double storied,  I went upstairs to have a look at the cakes. And guess what, 80% of the restaurant was empty. WHERE ARE ALL YOUR GUESTS THAT YOU SAID WERE COMING ??

I asked the waiter that obviously LIED about seats and he sheepishly said – oh ya, they are cleaning the table for you. Really? How come we didn’t know? And we went upstairs without him saying anything more and promptly sat our asses down on the first available table. To hell with which table ours was gonna be.

In today’s Singapore food scene, restaurants open and close very often and the fact that we patronise PS Cafe so often and had never once encountered such service made me upset. And so before this post, I wrote an email to the restaurant and let them know about this incident. I have never had such service at this restaurant and he obviously lied so that they can close shop earlier than the usual 2am?

I don’t bully waiters at restaurants nor do I stand for being lied to blatantly.





Week 49 : Links I Love

We started going for shotgun shooting in March and I am not very good at it…. majority of the empty shells you see here are wasted tries..

Yesterday was a public holiday in Singapore and that was so good! I went for a 2 hr zumba class with my mum and we had lots of fun. Then off to Sushi Tei for sashimi and salmon. And then, a chinese home-cooked meal by KW. I love grocery shopping, and that always happens before we cook!

Today we are having zumba with our mum again at another club location and our teacher wants to take selfies! We will go for a gyoza dinner after! I cannot wait and I will boogie more during class so that I can eat more!

I hope you have a good weekend and please enjoy these links!

– These 35 restaurants have amazing views – make a note of these now! You know when you travel and you google madly for restaurants that you will remember forever and you cannot think of any… with this, you are covered. More or less. I like #4, #8 and #19,

– I love cards and these look awesome!

– I have recently starting eating more tuna and sardines again and these recipes are a welcome start!

– Are you sleep-derived?

– Would some kind baking angel make this for me RIGHT NOW!

– 37 People Reveal The Most WTF Thing They Ever Saw At Their Friend’s House – this is so addictively bad it is good. I cringe as I read it but I go on…

This looks SO good. I love pot pies!

– Animal bath time – these pictures are hilarious. They look so upset when it is just a shower.

Darcy Oake – How the hell did the pigeons appear ? ?

Do you like magicians or magic shows ? I used to love David Copperfield till he came to Singapore a few years back and KW and I went on a ‘magic’ date to watch him at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

I am not sure if it was because we were at a seating position that exposed all of his tricks and routines but we felt cheated that night. We felt that his tricks were very shady. And strangely after, you don’t really hear much about him anymore.

I watched this video yesterday and I was amazed. Okay, the fact that Darcy Oake is good looking helped too. There is always an air of mystery and sexiness about magicians.

Okay, can someone tell me how the hell did the pigeons appear ? ?

Week 48 : Links I Adore

It is Friday again and we are excited to go to a good friend’s baby boy’s shower tomorrow! The baby has tons of black and thick hair & even sideburns!

Please enjoy these links and your weekend!

Watch the above video – the absolute smartest dog I have ever seen! Watch the last 7 seconds when Jumpy finally gets what he wants!

– I love this!

– ‘I Was Racially Profiled in My Own Driveway

Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves

Why we should keep on blogging

– The next time you see a chicken, give it a hug. I will not do it but please go ahead.

Eagle hunters of Mongolia

– I love hot cross buns – these are earl grey ones!


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