Week 50 : Links I Adore

We are meeting my uncles for dinner tonight at a seafood restaurant and nobody snatches the crabs’ pincers away from me or hell will be unleashed. Which part of crabs do you love to eat? And by the way, if…

Week 49 : Links I Love

Yesterday was a public holiday in Singapore and that was so good! I went for a 2 hr zumba class with my mum and we had lots of fun. Then off to Sushi Tei for sashimi and salmon. And then,…

It is Friday again and we are excited to go to a good friend’s baby boy’s shower tomorrow! The baby has tons of black and thick hair & even sideburns! Please enjoy these links and your weekend! Watch the above…

Does this make me look fat ?

This is hilarious ! And so true! Happy Thursday!


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